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h2o® Wireless Pay As You Go Top-Up Prepaid

Wireless smarter with h2o® Wireless. Get started today for nationwide4G LTEcoverage and recharge your account balance, payment date, expiration date, and more with MyAccount. Log in can keep your currentphone number with h2o® Wireless. It’s easy to doonline by calling Customer Service at 1-800-643-4926.For international calling, please dial0-1-1 + Country code + Phone Numberfromyour active h2o®Wireless service.If you haveany questionsor requireset upsupport please callCustomer Serviceat 1-800-643-4926.h2o Wireless-Pay As You Go $XXTop-Up Prepaid CardRefill your h2o Pay As YouGoservice with this Airtime cardAs soon as you refill, your plan expiration date will be extendedOnly pay for the services you want by being charged per call, text, andMB ofdataYour balance rolls over so you never lose the money you put into yourplanas long as it is active5¢/text/minute of talk and 10¢/MMS/MB of data10% Discount when you sign up for Auto Recharge