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Product Description

Truly Blessed is a new Clean, Gentle and Trusted standard in child skincare that nourishes, nurtures, and protects the sensitive skin of our little ones. Truly Blessed is curated by parents based on extensive research to bring safe, clean and healthy premium skincare for your little ones sensitive skin. All formulations are prepared keeping the sensitive skin of babies in mind while using natural and organic ingredients that are 100% Vegan, Clean and follow the ideology of skin-malism (Minimalism for baby’s delicate skin) with efficacious ingredients in a preservative free and transparent manner so that parents understand each ingredient. The formulations are Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, Hypoallergenic, free of any animal or naturally derived allergens, irritants or toxins that can be harmful for a baby’s sensitive skin. Truly Blessed products are great for daily use on any skin type and Made in India! visit for more info

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