Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Ezeprepaid makes it convenient to reward to your recipients no matter what they prefer to receive. they can choose amongst money (via bank transfer or paypal), Visa® prepaid card or merchant branded e-gift cards (, the home depot, etc.). because it’s digital, the presentation is completely customizable to your branding. whatever your message is, ezeprepaid helps you say it in a way that promotes your brand and rewards your recipient with a gift you know they’ll appreciate.

Ezeprepaid rewards was built for organizational use. whether you work for a fortune 500 company, a university or nonprofit, you’ll find the tools you need to run a successful rewards & incentives program with ezeprepaid rewards. specifically, you get:

• Bulk ordering via csv upload, manual entry, and api

• Customization tools to fit the redemption experience to your brand and audience

• Team management so that your colleagues can send rewards

• Advanced order history and reporting tools

• Highly qualified support representatives to handle any inquiries from you and your recipients

• Variety of payment options: credit card, bank account and prepayment

 U.S. companies and organizations. Regrettably, individuals and foreign organizations are not eligible.

There is no cost to sign up for or use the ezeprepaid Rewards platform. It’s completely free.

Ezeprepaid Rewards provides a suite of tools to run a successful rewards & incentives program. We provide a simple bulk ordering process, customization tools to promote your brand, real-time rewards delivery via email (stop handing out plastic cards!), rewards tracking, team management, and many other features designed specifically for organizations. ezeprepaid Rewards removes the grunt work from the distribution, management, support, and reconciliation processes of operating a corporate rewards program.


Sending Rewards


 Orders can be submitted via the Rewards Dashboard by manually entering gift details or uploading a pre-filled CSV.

Yes! To get started programmatically sending gifts, please see the API documentation.

 You can customize the e-card and message for each gift. To upload your own design, click on the following link (you must be logged in to the dashboard). Your team members will have access to the cards you create.


Rewards Management


Ezeprepaid has years of experience handling customer support requests from our consumer-facing product that’s reached millions of customers. We interface directly with your recipients to resolve any issues they encounter. Email us at [email protected] with any questions.

Go to the History tab of the Rewards Dashboard and search for your gift. Select the gift and then choose Update Gift from the Actions tab in the upper right corner.

Go to the History tab of the Rewards Dashboard and search for your gift. Select the gift and then choose Resend Gift from the Actions tab in the upper right corner. A gift can be resent once every six hours.

Admins can disable thank you messages in the Settings tab. The setting is organization wide.

No. Since the funds have legally been assigned to the recipient for a specified time, they cannot be reassigned.


Rewards History


Go to the History tab in the Rewards Dashboard. You can take gift-level actions such as updating gift information and resending rewards.

Go to the History tab and search for the set of reward information you’d like to download. Click the download button in the upper right and a spreadsheet will be automatically compiled and emailed to you.

Admins can view purchases made by all team members. Non-admin team members can only view their own purchases.




Payment can be made by ACH and credit card at the time of purchase or in advance via prepayment. By prepaying, you reduce the number of charges assessed to your payment account and reduce the risk of a future charge failing (possibly delaying delivery to recipients). ezeprepaid maintains a balance of your prepaid funds from which the cost of future purchases can be deducted. Prepaid funds can be wholly refunded at your request.

Yes, except for credit cards that are specifically designated for personal use.

Admins can provide a designated billing email address in the Settings tab