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Product Description

可以在某些在线零售商处使用银联虚拟预付万事达卡。 您将收到一封电子邮件,其中包含有关领取虚拟卡的说明,可立即使用。您必须在通过电子邮件发送这些说明之日起的4个月内领取卡。 因此,请务必注意您的收件箱。 赎回卡后,您将有12个月的时间使用资金。A UnionPay Virtual Prepaid Mastercard can be used at select online retailers. You will receive an email with instructions for claiming your virtual card, available for immediate use.  You must claim your card within 4 months from the date these instructions are sent via email. So make sure to keep an eye on your inbox. Once the card is redeemed, you will have 12 months to use the funds.

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