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Product Description

HealthifyMe is India’s leading digital health and wellness platform that provides services such as calorie tracking, 1 – 1 nutrition and fitness coaching, customized diet and workout plans through sophisticated equipment like CGM, Smart Scale for users with weight loss, being fit and disease reversal as health goals.                                                                                                            Smart Plan——“1. Trackers – Calorie/PFC – Macro and Micronutrient tracking, Fitness, Activity, Steps, Hydration tracking, Weight loss/weight gain tracking2. AI Coach RIA – Third gen AI, Trained with 400+ years of Nutrition data, Unlimited 24/7 chat3. Customized Plan – Personalized Diet or Fitness plan based on BMI, age, gender, medical conditions, likes, dislikes, preferences4. Reports and Insights on tracking and progress5. Complete access to AI – Ask nutrition and fitness based questions, leave voice commands, get insghts etc” 

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